Little Farmer is two.  He, of course, has the two-year-old attitude.  He’s a big boy.  He can do it by himself!  If he wants it, then he needs it.  Stomping foot, occasional tantrum, pointing finger, and all.

Then there’s also all of the toddler cuteness.  Wanting his fwends (friends – his stuffed animals).  Giving hugs and wet, sloppy kisses.  Parroting everything we say.  Trying to help clean.  Ecstatic joy at every achievement.  All the things about a toddler that make you smile.

Yesterday morning, he completely surprised me.  I was getting him dressed, and that’s always playtime.  Pushing him down on the bed, tickles, kisses, and hugs.  As I put his socks on, I said “I love you.”  He said “I know.”

But it wasn’t in that sweet toddler voice, which would have melted my heart because then I would know that he knows I love him.

It was in a semi-exasperated teenage-attitude voice.  My little boy is growing up too fast.